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uh….you wanted to see MY homework?

September 23, 2010

It’s certainly legitimate to discuss and criticize the Republican agenda. But that leaves a question: What is the Democratic agenda? What are Democrats promising to do if the voters decide to return them to control of the House?

“I don’t think we have, like, you know, a 21-page sort of infommercial-type package like this,” Rudominer said.

Well, any sort of agenda would be fine, I said.

“Look, you know, each race is going to have their own individualized message,” Rudominer answered. “So look, we’re not putting together a gimmicky package like this six weeks before the election. We’re talking about making each of these elections a choice.”

this is like someone who can only heat up Spam to serve with powdered eggs critizing the dungeness crab eggs benedict they were served. Ask them to do more than boil water and they go blank uttering all sorts of unintelligible syllables

One thing the Washington Examiner failed to point out was this as far as the Democrats unstated spam-like cooking – this is an additional one

When it comes to advancing their interests, public-sector unions have significant advantages over traditional unions. For one thing, using the political process, they can exert far greater influence over their members’ employers — that is, government — than private-sector unions can. Through their extensive political activity, these government-workers’ unions help elect the very politicians who will act as “management” in their contract negotiations — in effect handpicking those who will sit across the bargaining table from them, in a way that workers in a private corporation (like, say, American Airlines or the Washington Post Company) cannot. Such power led Victor Gotbaum, the leader of District Council 37 of the AFSCME in New York City, to brag in 1975: “We have the ability, in a sense, to elect our own boss.”

So in addition to cap and trade, and other interesting agenda items – the unions become our masters. They forgot to mention that one in their ‘plan for America’

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