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Vacation! Stop working!

September 21, 2010

Ed Morrissey has a post at Hot Air this morning, with the original article from Politico at Yahoo.  Apparently the House is planning to take an early vacation to let congress campaign longer.  Of course, some things still have to happen.

There’s been no decision made yet, and insiders caution that the scenario is dependent upon the Senate and House completing action on a stopgap spending bill to keep government agencies running through the election. But a House leadership aide said they are working with the Senate to pass the spending measure, known as a continuing resolution, “as soon as possible, so we’ll see if Republicans expose how extreme they are to the American people by standing in the way (of the measure) and risking shutting down the government.”

Ed properly notes that there’s no filibuster on budget, so I’m not so sure what the Republicans can actually do to block things.  There’s also the matter of tax cuts.  If I had to bet, I would go with the fact that they’ll “not have time” to do the tax cuts, and they’ll promise to instead do it when they come back victorious from elections.  Then either way they can just forget to do the tax cuts in the lame duck session, and they’ll probably also forget to do the whole budget and stick it to the next congress to clean up the mess.

Ed says:

The only reason Democrats haven’t produced a budget is political cowardice.  They will either have to cut spending, raise taxes, or see an enormous budget deficit in FY2011.  They don’t want to cut spending, and voters will send them into the wilderness for a generation if they hike taxes before the midterms.  They want to wait until the elections are over to hike taxes and show yet another massive deficit.

What do I say?  I say go home, people.  Stop legislating.  You had all summer to try to make the voters forget about the dumb healthcare bill, and you argued with yourselves long enough that healthcare will still be on the voters’ minds when they hit the polls.  As neither a Democrat nor a Republican — but as a conservative — I’ll happily watch both sides squirm for the lack of action.

But… what the heck.  If they’re not in session, they’re not passing stupid laws that complicate the life of small business and taxpayers.  Hey, team, take a long vacation!  Maybe hang out until February?  Merry Christmas.

This is also cross-posted at Cassy Fiano’s place.  We’re watching the house for a bit while she has an adventure.

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  1. September 21, 2010 9:28 pm

    agree – they look tired. they need to take a rest ….til Jan 2011

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