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Mr President: Why work so hard – please, take a rest, you look tired….

September 3, 2010

I saw a news report and I’m with Fister on how many days Mr President AND Congress work vs. taking a little rest

Obama said that he would detail new economic proposals next week, and the White House scheduled a presidential press conference for next Friday.….

Obama again called on Congress to take up immediately a small business jobs bill when members return from recess.

“Keep in mind it is paid for,” Obama said. It will not add one dime to our deficit, so put simply this piece of legislation is good for workers, it’s good for small business people, it’s good for the economy.”

Oh guys, you’re working so hard.  I’m sure that this can wait, you look so overworked.

Just go home, talk to your family, take some R&R, and then January 1, 2011 come back and deal with it then 🙂

Although it might not look that way, I’m sure Michelle Malkin would agree we’d rather have you golfing, eating ice cream and riding bikes than legislating….

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