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Good News, We’re Still Mad!

September 3, 2010

So much for blaming the old guard and trying to do what’s best for us even when we don’t want it.  I’d said during the Tea Party rallies and the healthcare discussion that voters would need to stay mad in order to effect a change.  From this Hot Air post, it looks like they’re doing that.

Let’s start with the good news from the latest Gallup/USA Today poll.  The survey found that among those planning to vote for Republicans this year, 44% planned to do so because of the Democratic Party.  That is a higher percentage than Gallup has found in midterm elections, including the 56-seat win for Republicans in 1994 and the Democratic takeover in 2006 (in reverse):

Both of those moves were strong on emotion, and this one will be no different if it happens.  Ed Morrissey makes a very cogent point in his analysis.

That probably means that Democrats can’t reverse the tide by running against George W. Bush and demonizing Republicans.  They have to find a positive message about their own performance that will cool voter anger and give them a shot at limiting their losses.  Unfortunately, their tone-deaf focus on forcing an unpopular overhaul of the health-care system while ignoring the fact that their stimulus didn’t work has doomed that effort in this election cycle.  Democrats can’t hold up ObamaCare as a success when 60% of the voters want it repealed, and they don’t have anything else but the failed stimulus and the Lily Ledbetter Act to discuss.

It’s what I just said below.  When you have one idea, nobody believes that you’re thinking about the solution… you’re only thinking about your one idea.  That’s not bad… unless you idea stinks.

The whole strategy of the Right coming to these elections has been to force the Democrats to run on their own ideas and let the people decide.  Let’s say that I think that this is a pretty good plan.  Yes, this is not a huge showcase of Republican ideas.  It doesn’t have to be.  Assuming they win, then the Republicans will have to come up with some pretty fast ideas, or 2012 might be another switch.  They have to remember that emotion that gets you elected can also get you un-elected rather quickly.

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