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“but I play Caesar on TV…”

May 10, 2010

I just finished the Dalrymple book “The New Vichy Syndrome” – and I am still digesting it. Wow, there is a ton to unpack in this book!

the book is new, but talks a great deal about why anyone would want the European Union – anyone besides the politicians who received

“…a giant pension fund for defunct politicians who either cannot get elected in their own countries or are tired of the struggle to do so. It is a way for politicians to remain important and powerful, at the center of a web of patronage…

…there are a large number of volunteers… for this kind of life. …what career politician could be altogether against an organization of politicians and bureaucrats whose accounts have never ever been signed off by the auditors as being correct?”

and then later Dalrymple  states “the power that is desired is not that which is sufficient for self-determination… but to push other people about, to dominate them, to loom large in their calculations, to make their decisions for them

Which comes to my next slightly late “offend the feminista” post – is the reason that the feminists are totally silent on the treatment of women in non-Judeo-Christian religions that the politically influential feminists are kindred spirits with other totalitarians? Totalitarians in the end want to prevent information or choices from reaching their populations that would cause their populations to be unhappy once the realization hits “HEY! there are other choices than just the ones YOU’RE telling me about?!?!?”

UPDATE: From Cassy Fiano – yessir, certainly trending in that “feminists agree with ME” direction. Which explains the complete disinterest they (and by inference, the rest of us women) should have towards treatment of women right under our noses.

Perhaps that’s the background to a flap over a new law in OK that requires a woman be given required to see an ultrasound prior to getting an abortion

Positions Against: “The latest is an attempt in Oklahoma to push government control deep into choices that should be made by women and their doctors based on medical need. A new law there prescribes an ultrasound for every woman who seeks an abortion whether or not the procedure is medically indicated” 

Positions For:  “Individuals who argue women are too fragile to face the reality of abortion and make an informed decision do not respect women. The image of a baby on an ultrasound provides amazing clarity of thought….Critics say the state should stay out of this issue, but I believe turning a blind eye to women in need is inexcusable, and preventing them from receiving accurate medical information is true cruelty.”

It’s just a bit weird that feminists want girls to be informed about birth control at the age of 10, but adult women shouldn’t be expected to take an opportunity to be informed about the impact of their own choices on another life.  Is there a kindred spirit at work ?

UPDATE: Here’s another example of a similar mindset: ” I love cheeseburgers, but you shouldn’t eat them, and your parents don’t have a clue about what’s good for you like we do”

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