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Thank you, Mr President

April 17, 2010

Thank you for exposing hypocrisy and intolerance by bringing “hope and change” to America.

We never would have had as clear a picture of the oppressive bent in the heart of the elite liberals if you hadn’t been elected and given said liberals the bravery to openly express their hate for people for holding dissenting views. We now have a clear and unambiguous message that what was dissent is now dangerous, and that only liberal -valued people deserve civil treatment

Thank you for providing an opportunity for America to quickly see the end state result of policies long held entombed in the halls of ivy-ensconced academia

There are many compelling things about living in Greece or Spain and knowing that 60% of the youth will be able to work for a government job. Thankfully given your policies it won’t require 40-50 years for the USA to get to the end state that it’s gotten to in Greece – it will be a clear and unambiguous wake up call.

Thank you for giving us a real picture of what your policies towards women’s rights really truly look like, right away in your first year.

Increasing the gender gap in live births between live male babies born and live female babies born in other nations through aggressive exportation of technologies that allow ‘women to have a ‘better’ life’ according to your secular, self-oriented, western imperialist value system certainly sends a clear and unambiguous message.

Thank you for showing us the actual alignment of your true legislative agendas with the concerns of the average citizens outside the beltway.

Our concerns according to polls are jobs jobs jobs then spending. You focused on health care and cap and trade. That is a clear and unambiguous message.

Thank you for making it clear what a democrat who was sick of the expansionist government spending of the last administration would really be able to do when it comes to the deficit.

We certainly have a clear and unambiguous message.

Thoughtful citizens do have a lot to thank the President for.

Most people believed the best about academia, the media and in the far-left over the Bush years. We genuinely believe they MEANT well.  We genuinely believed that because they were liberal, they valued freedom (beyond the freedom to express yourself sexually). We genuinely believed that because they were progressives, they valued everyone in the country getting ahead.

Looking at it slightly differently from Riehl World View: You could say that we them a debt of gratitude for so quickly and so clearly making their true meaning clear and unambiguous

Updated: Thanks to Cassy Fiano for the link.  Go read her blog.

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