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Tax Day Tea Party 2010 – Rochester, NY

April 15, 2010

Guest post by John and Elaine Woods

Thanks to the NY Gathering of Eagles for the Pointer.  You guys rock!

Rochester, New York’s second annual Tax Day Tea Party occurred by the banks of the Genesee River, in the shadow of the Federal Building. Here a gathering of about 800-1,000 came together to rally against big government and a return to Constitutional principles.  People lined the bridges and banks of the river as a bugler called for the event to begin.  A color guard of ex-military men and women carried flags across the bridge following a Scottish bagpiper, and then lined up behind the podium where speakers rallied the cheering crowd.


Speakers included representatives from Rochester Conservatives and We Surround Rochester, the organizers and co-hosts of the event. Other speakers were from the local chapter of Oathkeepers; a local meteorologist who is an outspoken critic of “man-made global warming” and junk, sloppy science; a college student who spoke knowledgeably about the Federal Reserve; and a variety of other active, concerned citizens, some of whom are pursuing running for elected offices. In addition to those who took a vacation day from work in order to attend, and those who are retired, people who work downtown came on their lunch hours to listen, talk, read signs, and gather copies of the Constitution and other information from tables. (note from JimF, I’ll try to get a crowd estimate, but it looks pretty good)


We were prepared for harassment, although none occurred, and local media were much more present and active than at any other of our rallies.  Police were visible walking around, on bikes, and on horseback.  When the rally was ending, police remarked on what a good crowd it was with lots of nice people. In fact, the area was left cleaner than when we arrived.  In addition to today’s rally in Rochester, Monday the 12th saw a rally in Buffalo, Wednesday the 14th was a rally in Syracuse, and Saturday Albany will host a state-wide rally.  New York patriots are stirred up and ready to return our country to our founding principles.

Here are some signs from the crowd, some of which are pretty good.

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