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Jobs, Jobs, Jo-… Where’d They Go?

March 17, 2010

Via Michelle Malkin, the Senate just passed their portion of the Jobs bill.

The tax breaks and projected jobs in the Senate jobs bill are illusory. The $17 billion package circumvents pay-go rules. But no matter. The Senate passed the Porkulus II today by 68-29 — with support from 11 Republicans.

So the Repubs didn’t matter in this case, but they voted for it anyway.  It’s probably a security play, saying they support jobs.

Look, this is $17B.  It’s real money, more than most companies make in a year.  That said, I saw a WSJ article the other day where we’re going to drop $20B to underdevelop high-speed across the US… I’ll get to that in another post.  So this isn’t real congressional money.

But still, why?  This isn’t going to do anything for jobs, there are no significant tax breaks.  This won’t actually make any progress on reducing unemployment.  It’s pretty much just something other than…

Ah.  The UNNAMED (Lynn calls it Voldemort) bill… Frankly, congress wants to pass ANYTHING to make progress beyond UNNAMED.  The Dems, especially, don’t want to face a November where the only thing anyone can talk about is the other bill.  They at least want something to say they’re continuing to work.

So, this is a distraction, and it’s one that won’t work.  If it did something, maybe, but just spending money is old hat.

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