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what’s in YOUR backpocket?

September 7, 2009

I appreciate the type of writing that is straightforward, points out unintended consequences, includes facts and avoides snide adjectives intended to influence me too heavily towards an opinion that has no basis other than the prejudice of the author.

So, I can’t do any better than what David Tebbut at The Register has done already on this article entitled “Beware evangelists”.  To quote his closing statement

“Find out who pays for their evangelism in money or in other ways. Ask them what alternatives they know about in detail. And get them to tell you what the long term implications of their advocacy are likely to be [unintended consequences]. Some will slink away from the interrogation. Some will bluster, so you can take your leave of them. Those that will remain probably have a good and well thought out story to tell”

Technology evangelism is a tricky business to be honest – there is something called the “Gartner Hype curve” that refers specifically to technology and the cycles new technologies go through. The cycle starts with the technology “solving world hunger, curing colds if you steep it in hot water and drink it” to “whose stupid idea was this, any way?” to “this technology is useful afterall.”

So the question to ask anyone selling anything (products, ideas) are

– what (or who) is in YOUR wallet?

– What are the negative consequences if we buy/act on your idea (if they say “none” then run away. Very quickly)

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