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Cap, Trade, and Cover

June 24, 2009

Ah, here we go.  Iran is sucking up the headlines, governorial pecadillos are going to make some noise, and healthcare is driving everyone nuts.  What better time to run under cover to debate Cap and Trade?  Here’s Michele Bachmann:

No matter which analysis of this bill you look at, it means higher costs for all Americans. The CBO predicts that the rise in prices would hit low-income households the hardest as these homes spend a larger fraction of their income on energy needs compared to those with higher incomes.  It will especially impact those Americans living in Midwest states who get most of their energy from coal-fired utilities and have large manufacturing sectors.

Ah, but we’re not raising taxes on anyone other than the ultra-rich.  At least not unless they’re not looking.  Or something like that.  Here’s a good resource from the Heritage Foundation as well.  Go check it out.

I’m not against being cleaner on energy, but imposing massive restrictions will only lead to unintended consequences.  I still see the strategic intent of this as creating an economic environment where only massive forethought and a lot of bribery lobbying will get a company ahead.

Updated 6/26: Well, here’s a predictable twist… There’s a 300 page ammendment on the morning of the vote.  Obviously, nobody’s read that.  The assumption here is that a lot of stuff got jammed in, and will then be resolved with whatever the Senate tries to do in conference.  Of course, the vote will have happened.  And with all the celebrety deaths and a 24/7 cycle on it on the news, this one will slip right by.

Oh, here’s a good one: “It’s ‘Hey, Let’s Screw Our Kids and Grandkids Over’ Day in Congress

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  1. Lynn Comp permalink
    June 25, 2009 5:51 am

    my bet is one bit of reform you WON’T see is trial lawyers, lobbying, campaign finance, or anything that helps well connected clever law firms.

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