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I’m Already Feeling Sick

June 8, 2009

Hey, if you need some nice bedtime reading, Keith Hennessey has the entire proposed Healthcare Bill in a PDF.  Nice note on terminology and origins:

Calling it the “Kennedy” bill is something of an overstatement.  Senator Kennedy chairs the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee, and his staff wrote the draft.  By all reports, however, Chairman Kennedy’s health is preventing him from being heavily involved in the drafting.  Senator Reid has designated Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) to supervise the process, but as best I can tell, it’s really the Kennedy committee staff who are making most of the key decisions.  For now I will call it the Kennedy-Dodd bill.

So I’m already enthused.  Here are some comments from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Without that HIPAA compliance section, which this draft does not include, what restrictions will the government have on demanding personal information on the enrollees?

Speaking of taxes and mandates, no one in Congress has any clear idea how to pay for [it]…  the bill forsees subsidies for “well over half of all Americans”…

Also, health insurers could no longer act to identify risk factors at all.  For some with pre-existing conditions, this will be good news…

What about reforming Medicare?  The Obama administration says that the reforms will make health care less costly through the overhaul of Medicare.  Actually, it makes Medicare more expensive…

And this is just the first blush.  Healthcare is going to be a charged discussion as this comes up.  I would suspect that there will be several attempts by the administration and congress to distract the news from this story, it’s all part of owning the message.  As far as the overall message goes, I’m not enthusiastic that they’ll nail this one in a way that excites the public.

Michelle Malkin’s holding a poster contest.  Those are usually good.  Probably better at owning the message than the admin, at least…

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  1. johnqcitizen permalink
    June 8, 2009 8:02 pm

    I was inspired by the poster idea based on wartime images, and went one step further. I have created a “Health Care Ration Book” in pdf that can be downloaded from Smart Girl Politics at

    At the same url you’ll find a poster titled “Sharing the Wealth”.

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