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Ed, I Disagree…

May 1, 2009

Okay, on this one, I’m in almost complete disagreement with Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.  Congress is conducting witch hunts hearings on the BCS system, and Ed just doesn’t think they should be poking their nose there.

Memo to all sides in Congress: Get back to work.  The BCS isn’t a federal issue, and in fact it’s not a government issue.  The NCAA is a private organization, and if the Mountain West conference doesn’t like the arrangement, its schools can opt out.  Let the schools work out the “fairness” issue between themselves.

Hey, in this one, I’m applying the Jillian Bandes rule.  The more time they spend on this, the LESS time they’re going to spend passing new spending bills.  Guys, hold hearings for a week!  A month!  Get the president involved in a special session!

Besides, the complexity of the system congress would implement would assuredly eventually get Dayton pronounced the College Football Champion.  Right after Navy.  Go Flyers!

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